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We strive to create a training environment that promotes self-awareness, skills development, and experiences that enable our graduates to develop and share knowledge regarding multicultural and diversity issues. We believe that this is best accomplished through a multifaceted approach; hence, we are committed to recruiting a diverse student body, infusing diversity and multicultural training throughout our curriculum, and promoting an environment in which diversity is valued and respected.

Recruiting a diverse student body

We believe that multicultural competency is supported by classroom learning that integrates diverse viewpoints and a broad range of experience. The reciprocal training that students provide to each other through active discussion, sharing of opinions and experiences, and through respectful discovery of values, biases, and attitudes beneath interactions, course content, research results, etc. is an irreplaceable asset to the training environment. Thus, we attempt to recruit a diverse student body, particularly with respect to ethnic group membership, second language skills, and experience with oppressed or marginalized groups.

Promoting an environment in which diversity is valued and respected

Faculty members attempt to model respect for diversity through verbal behavior and action, including through our research. To varying degrees, faculty members attend directly to issues that have covert racist, homophobic, or otherwise intolerant themes. This occurs, for instance, in the context of classroom discussion.

By modeling that conversations about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion are difficult but important, we hope to promote an environment where such conversations are normative. Faculty members acknowledge our own limitations and needs to continue our growth and development in improving our own multicultural competence.

We select students who demonstrate a commitment to diversity. Students, to varying degrees, address diversity issues in and outside of the classroom, and faculty encourage attention to human diversity and multiculturalism in student research endeavors.