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Program Information

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for professional employment and/or subsequent advanced training including:

1. employment as research personnel in research centers and institutes;
2. employment in community prevention settings, social advocacy centers, local health departments, university settings;
3. entry into a doctoral program (e.g., public health, counseling, clinical, developmental psychology); or
4. entry into a clinically-oriented master's degree program (e.g., social work, counseling).

** Whereas this is not a counselor or therapist training program, and does not lead to therapy licensure eligibility, the training program is structured to enable interested students to become Certified Prevention Specialists in the State of Oregon.

The Prevention Science program provides research training in a strengths-based approach that aids in identifying and reducing malleable risk factors, enhancing protective factors, and contributing to the evidenced-based practices that promote psychological and public health.

The curriculum is also designed to facilitate students’ developing multicultural competence in research and scientific inquiry, and to train scientists who are capable of advancing healthy outcomes across diverse settings. Consistent with Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) ecological model of human development, training is infused with attention to the contexts and systems within which human behavior occurs. Attention to human diversity, multicultural competency development, and advancing social justice is infused throughout the students’ coursework and research training.