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PhD: Doctorate in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education

Audrey Lucero, Ph.D.
Contact: Ann Kokkeler


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Department of Education Studies
5277 University of Oregon

The Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education (CSSE) program provides a comprehensive approach to educational research that considers the consequences of contemporary schooling systems while developing alternatives to current practices that result in systemic change.
The development of empirical work is supported through a course of study that includes a strong foundation in qualitative and quantitative research methodology. Students also choose a set of classes from two of these emphasis areas to focus their studies:



  1. Cultural and Linguistic Studies in Education
  2. Psychological Studies in Education
  3. Social Context of Education
  4. Teacher Education

The program takes the examination of injustice in our schools and the promotion of equity and access of opportunity in and through educational scholarship as a core ideal. Teaching, learning, and schooling affects not only the lives and futures of individual children, but also their families, the local communities in which children live, and the national and international communities we all share. This program aspires to an ideal of scholarship that examines an expansive range of educational possibilities and consequences. Given our faculty expertise, students in the program will have the added advantage of potential research focus in the areas of Indigenous education, STEM+C education, bicultural and biliteracy education, and qualitative research methodology

In order to attract excellent students, facilitate their development as scholars, enable possible fiscal support and ensure access to sustained and substantive mentorship from departmental faculty, the program's enrollment is kept small, usually no more than ten new students every other year. To sustain the development of intellectual community, students are admitted as a cohort, and initially proceed through prescribed stages of their program of study collectively. Later in the program, as students progress they will inevitably specialize and their programs of study will diverge. Ultimately, this program prepares students to be scholars who will be active in the professional research associations in their field, publish their research in peer-reviewed journals and academic presses, and who eventually secure positions as faculty members at research universities or research centers, or as researchers at state and federal agencies.