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Funding Your PhD

Tuition costs generally increase annually.  To estimate how much it will cost you to complete the CSSE program, visit the Registrar's Tuition & Fees webpage and select either Oregon Resident or Non-Resident, then Graduate (Education, Masters/Doctoral) and click on the appropriate year/term button.  A full load for graduate students is between 9-16 credits and most students complete their program of study in six academic years, which would be 18 terms without taking classes in the summer. 

The CSSE program gaurantees four years of fiscal support for admitted PhD students, primarily through Graduate Employee (GE) appointments. GE appointments cover full tuition plus a modest stipend during the academic year. The Graduate School also posts other fellowships and scholarships on their website.

Below is a list of potential financial resources.

University Support

Graduate School funding resources

UO Financial Aid

UO Scholarship Search

General University Scholarship Program

Diversity Excellence Scholarship

Funding Opportunities List (updated monthly; click on "Past Issues" to select the most current list), published by the UO Office of Research & Innovation

UO and Federal Work-Study Program

Graduate Employee (GE) at the UO  Click on "Current GTF/GE Openings"

College of Education (COE) Support

COE Scholarships

COE GE positions

Department of Education Studies Support

The Education Studies department is committed to providing four years of GE support for each admitted CSSE student. Open positions will be posted on the COE website:

GE positions

External Funding Sources

AAUW Scholarships

Education Aid - Current Scholarship Programs

FastWeb External Scholarship Search

International Student Resources

UO Scholarships and Financial Aid

International Women

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