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Information for Current Students

Welcome to the CSSE doctoral program! This page contains links to reference materials and program forms for students pursuing the PhD in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education in the Department of Education Studies. Additional useful forms are available on GradWeb.

CSSE Program Handbooks & General Information

Cohort V (2017) Handbook

Maintaining Adequate Progress: Cohort V and later

Cohort IV (2015) Handbook

Cohort III (2013) Handbook

Cohort II (2011) Handbook

CSSE Handbook Change Request form
Maintaining Adequate Progress in CSSE Program (Cohorts II - IV)

Step 1 - Program of Study

The PhD in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education requires successful completion of a minimum of 135 graduate credits. Of these, at least 84 credits must be earned after admission to the program.

Form #1-01 Program of Study Plan & Progress Form

Form #1-02 Program of Study Transfer Credit Memo

Form #1-03 Program of Study Exception Request Form

Step 2 - Comprehensive Exams

The CSSE comprehensive examination is an essay-answer exam with a follow-on oral component, designed to examine the student's broad knowledge of relevant literature and ability to analyze and evaluate others' thoughts, as well as write about and discuss evolving ideas in a scholarly manner with faculty. In addition, comps prepare students to move forward into the dissertation process. Students are eligible to take their comps upon completion of 100 credits of coursework that fulfills Program of Study requirements, with no outstanding incompletes, and with the consent of their Comps Advisor.

Form #2-01 Comprehensive Examination Completion Form

Step 3 - Advancement to Candidacy

Successful completion of all required courses and credits noted on a student's approved Program of Study, and passing the comprehensive examination with documentation by Form #2-01 will qualify candidates for Advancement review with their faculty advisor. Advancement is not finalized until approved by the Graduate School.

Form #3-01 Advancement to Candidacy Checklist

Step 4 - Dissertation

Once advanced to candidacy, students must register for a minimum of three credits of EDST 603: Dissertation each academic term. A minimum of 18 credits are required to graduate. Students making satisfactory progress toward completion of the dissertation will receive a grade of "I" (Incomplete) each term for EDST 603. These will be replaced with a grade of "P" (Pass) only after the Graduate School has accepted the dissertation and the Registrar has awarded the doctoral degree, at the end of the term in which all degree requirements are satisfied.


Form #4-01 Formation of Dissertation Committee

Form #4-02 Dissertation Proposal Approval Form

UOTeach Research Approval Protocol

EdFoundations Research Approval Protocol

Helpful Advice:

Process from Dissertation Idea to Successful Defense and Graduation

Getting Ready To Graduate: Thesis and Dissertation Workshop from the UO Graduate School


Travel and Writing Funding Support

CSSE Application for Departmental Funding Packet and EDST Travel Authorization and Planning Worksheet (Submit documents at least 2 weeks before the first day of travel. All funding subject to budget constraints and availability.)