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Our next cohort for the PhD in Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies in Education will be admitted in Fall 2019. 

Online applications for admission will be made available through a link on this page beginning in October 15, 2018 and closing January 15, 2019.   To apply for PhD in Critial and Socio-Cultural studies in Education, click on the APPLY HERE link below. For general information about admission to the University of Oregon for graduate education, see the Graduate School webpage.

The Education Studies CSSE application includes:

Personal statement

With evidence of:

  • Your past work experience/professional service in education
  • Evidence of commitment to promoting equality of opportunity for students
  • Your academic preparation in higher education
  • Potential research interests that connect to the CSSE faculty and program

Three contacts for letters of recommendation

While online, you will also be asked to provide three e-mail contacts for people willing to provide letters of recommendation for you that testify to your professional service to the field of education, your commitment to promoting equality of opportunity for students, and your academic preparation for taking on a doctoral program.

Once you enter and confirm the name and e-mail information, you cannot change it. As soon as you submit the contact information, an e-mail will be automatically generated and sent to each contact requesting a letter of recommendation for you. The e-mail will provide instructions for your contact person on the information needed and how to upload the letter. You will receive an automated e-mail notifying you when each of your contacts uploads their letter, and you may also check the status once you have paid your $70 application fee.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume 

Upload your detailed CV, with evidence of professional service to the field of education and commitment to promoting equality of opportunity for students.

Copy of recent (within last 10 years) Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores 

Upload a copy of your official test results, AND have Educational Testing Service (ETS) send your official GRE scores to:

University Code: University of Oregon – code 4846

Department Code: Social & Philosophical Foundations of Education – code 3906

(Only tests taken within the past ten years are valid.)

All final degree official transcripts (bachelor's and above)

University requirement: Have official final degree (bachelor’s and above) transcripts mailed to: Office of Admissions, 1217 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1217

Department requirement: Upload final degree (bachelor’s and above) transcripts during the online application process.  These transcripts should exactly match the official transcripts you have mailed to the Admissions Office.

Academic writing sample

Your academic writing sample should be formal, scholarly writing in APA style that demonstrates your ability to conduct research, write cogently, and cite references where applicable.  A research paper you wrote for a previous college course is perfectly acceptable.

If you have questions about any aspect of the application packet, please review the FAQs or contact Audrey Lucero at