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Is the CSSE Program a Good "Fit" for Me?

To find out if the CSSE program is a good fit for you requires some personal reflection and investigation.  Below is some advice from the Princeton Review about Choosing a Grad School.  (Link to the full article here:
     Remember that you'll be hitting the books, not the links

     There are many factors to take into account when choosing schools for your target list. The quality of life, social scene and surrounding community will all certainly impact your happiness. But these considerations, while significant, should be secondary. You're not taking out thousands of dollars in student loans to go to great parties or dine at the best campus cafeterias in the land. For grad students, the academic experience is paramount.

     If you are aiming for a PhD, it's critical to find a specific professor to serve as your thesis advisor. This person will be your guide, mentor and critic. The best advisors are approachable, available and engaged in your work. Apply to schools that have one or more professors who do research in your general area of interest, and with whom you can imagine working closely for a year (or six).

     Make personal connections

     To get the real scoop on a school, turn off your computer and pick up the phone. Better yet, hop in a car or get on a plane. A conversation with the faculty members you are most interested in working with will give you insight into the program and the dynamics of the department. And making personal connections with professors will certainly help your application. Make sure you can picture collaborating with these people for one or several years.

You do not need to find a thesis advisor right this minute, but do make sure that your research interests correspond with one or more professors in our department.  So think about what aspects of K-12 education intrigue you the most and compare them to the research interests of our faculty listed on the Faculty page.  Feel free to email one or more of our professors to discuss your research interests.  And if you are in the Eugene area, we encourage you set up an appointment in advance to stop by for a visit.  Each professor keeps her/his own calendar.