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For Current Students

This page is for current students. Below are sites, manuals, and forms that you may commonly use. 


COE Tutoring Services 
CFT Student Funding Resources  
UO Student Events Calendar 
Administration Tree  
APA Style Crib Sheet  
AAMFT Code of Ethics  
Affirmative Therapy 
American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA)
International Family Therapy Association (IFTA)  
Oregon Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (OAMFT)  
Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists (OBLPCT)

Program Documents

Consent to Release Student Information (FERPA)


    Student Handbook
    Program Plan 
    2 Year Program Progression


    Student Handbook
    Program Plan  
    2 Year Program Progression

    Student Handbook
    Program Plan   
    2 Year Program Progression


Practicum Documents

Background Check Information (Due ASAP)
First Year Hours Form
Liability Insurance through AAMFT membership  (join in June) 
2016-17 Practicum Manual  
2016-17 CFT Clinic Policies & Procedures
2016-17 HEDCO Clinic Policy Handbook 
Externship Agreement/Contract 
Clinic Development Goals 
End of Term Practicum Evaluation  
Site Supervisor Term Evaluation 
Practicum Site Final Evaluation  (Spring term only)
Practicum Completion Form (for Graduation)