Community Outreach and Services

A student and a professor working with a young female student in the HEDCO Clinic

Community Outreach

We are a premier provider of educational and related clinical services to local communities and the state of Oregon.

We are also a critical provider of technical assistance to international governments ranging from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand to Denmark. With services like learning disability assessments, speech-language pathology, family counseling, early childhood special education, and behavioural support for children with autism among many, we support children and families of all ages—from infants and toddlers to adolescents and young adults.

HEDCO Clinic Services

We are educators, psychologists, therapists, and faculty researchers working as a team to provide the highest quality evidence-based assessment and treatment behavioral health services to you and your family. Explore our services and connect with our skilled and caring providers today.

Outreach Units

Hundreds of children and adults are served each year by our outreach units:

Two women speaking to a female counselor
Center for Healthy Relationships
A woman wearing headphones
Speech-Language-Hearing Center
A man working with a young boy at a table
Child and Family Center
A man working with a young boy and girl playing the Operation game
Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
A woman working with a young girl on her sign language
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)


A woman reading a children's book with a young boy
Early Autism Research and Learning for the Young Child
A man speaking with three women
A woman working at a computer
Oregon Career Information System