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Oregon Career Information System

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Oregon Career Information System
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The Oregon Career Information System (CIS), an outreach unit in the College of Education, is a leader in the field of career information delivery and an innovator in computer-based tools for career and educational planning. Established in 1972, Oregon CIS was the first state-based computerized career information delivery system (CIDS) in the nation, and later served as the model for a US Department of Labor initiative to help other states create their own systems.

Oregon CIS provides comprehensive information about occupations and industries, postsecondary programs and schools, and financial aid. Its online program and materials are used in schools, colleges, agencies, libraries, and businesses to inform the career development of students, clients, and employees.  Its mission is to support the career development needs of Oregonians by developing quality career information resources, delivering comprehensive, integrated systems of career, and promoting sound career decision-making practices in education, employment, and community settings.

CIS is a self-supporting, fee-based consortium. A representative policy board made up of organizations that license CIS products is charged with oversight of the program’s priorities, fees policies, and development plans.

Oregonians can access CIS through many different avenues. For example:

  • Ninety-one percent of all school districts in Oregon license CIS for their high school students. Ninety-five of these districts use CIS in their middle schools as well as their high schools.
  • Adult career planners across the state access CIS through colleges, libraries, WorkSource Oregon, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services offices.
  • All of Oregon’s state adult and youth corrections facilities use CIS for education planning and transition services. 

Annually, CIS is visited close to 1,000,000 times; each visit lasts an average of 20 minutes, and almost 40 pages of information are reviewed in that time. Over 80,000 people create personalized career planning portfolios for managing their research and plans.

Oregon Career Information System