Graduate Spotlight: Mia Ly

image of Mia Ly at UO stadium with parents

Learn more about Mia Ly, a graduating senior in the Family and Human Services (FHS) program, through our Graduate Spotlight series.

Meet Mia Ly, a senior graduating from the Family and Human Services program with a minor in Nonprofit Administration and Sociology.  

During her time as an FHS student, Mia worked as a Peer Leader and Outreach Lead at the UO Basic Needs Program, where she learned to interact with and serve individuals from diverse backgrounds. She gained firsthand experience advocating for students facing food insecurity, financial instability, and other challenges, which strengthened her leadership and community development skills and reaffirmed her passion for social work. 

Mia was also an intern at the Sibling Support Clinic through the HEDCO Clinic. Through this program, she gained experience working with children in one-on-one and small-group settings and developed her observation and assessment skills. Mis is grateful for the valuable mentorship and support she received from Academic Advisor Emma Bjorngard Basayne during her undergraduate career. She advises incoming and current students to take advantage of resources like the advising office. 

Following graduation, Mia is attending Portland State University and pursuing a master’s degree in social work.

Hometown: Clackamas, Oregon

image of Mia Ly and student sitting at Basic Needs table

What valuable experience have you gained being involved in the UO Basic Needs program?

In my current work as a Peer Leader and Outreach Lead at the UO Basic Needs Program, I have gained firsthand experience in advocating for the wellbeing of students facing food insecurity, financial instability, and other challenges. In this role, I have directly interacted with individuals and communities from diverse cultural backgrounds to make resources more accessible while increasing program awareness. This hands-on experience at the University of Oregon’s Basic Needs Program has reaffirmed my commitment to social work and highlighted the critical role of accessibility in promoting equitable outcomes. My work at the Basic Needs Program has been an integral part of my undergraduate career where I have strengthened my leadership and community development skills while also working with the best team!

image of Mia Ly in the Sibling Support Clinic with young individuals

How did your time in the HEDCO Sibling Support Clinic develop skills that will help you in your career?

Being an intern at the HEDCO Clinic Sibling Support program has allowed me to develop my observation and assessment skills through working with children one-on-one and in small groups. Additionally, my experience in Sibling Support has strengthened my community development skills through collaboration with the clinic, clinicians, and families. 

What are your plans following graduation?

I will be attending Portland State University this upcoming fall pursuing my Master of Social Work! 

What was your favorite resource at the College of Education?

My favorite resource at the College of Education is the advising team! Emma Bjorngard Basayne has had such an influential presence during my undergraduate career, and I could not have been able to navigate courses and resources without her support these past years!

What advice would you give incoming/current students?

My advice to incoming and current students is to take advantage of your resources during your time here! There are so many resources on campus that support students and their wellbeing, and a lot of them are underutilized! Check out the Basic Needs Program to get connected with available resources to support your academic and personal needs!