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EdF Field Experiences

Be informed and transformed

One of the many strengths of the Educational Foundation (EdF) major is the 120 hours of integrated field experiences. Each of four EdF field experiences is co-registered with a core course in order to provide a context for understanding and discussing the theoretical and socio-cultural concepts in that course. Depending on the core EdF course, students may choose field experiences in schools or in educational organizations or events in the Eugene or Springfield area, Lane County, Salem, Woodburn, or Portland.

Sasha Chang and Evan Andreason Bauer introduce EdF field experiences

During the EdF junior year, students have a variety of field experiences in schools while they discuss learning, teaching, and assessment theories and concepts. EdF seniors choose two Equal Opportunity courses that provide an in-depth look into research regarding educational inequities. With each Equal Opportunity course, specific field experience opportunities are provided. Each EdF field experience informs learning and transforms ways to support children.

Ixchel Verdugo describes the importance of her Woodburn field experience and her field advocacy work with the LGBTQ community

Sasha Chang inspires a different way of looking at interactions in the classroom

Evan Andreason Bauer conveys his deeper understanding of immigration and poverty issues through his field experiences

If you are interested in applying to the major, you must have prior experience working with children while you are enrolled in a university or community college and acquire a letter of recommendation from a person who has directly seen you work with children or youth. Many students get this required experience by volunteering in schools or organizations close to the UO. Students typically apply to the EdF major during the winter term of their sophomore year.

The Educational Foundations undergraduate major is not a teaching licensure program, but it is a major that prepares you to understand the theoretical underpinnings of education while integrating 120 hours of field experience. Students in the EdF major are very qualified candidates for a graduate teaching licensure program, such as UOTeach, or other graduate licensure program.