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Pre-Education Volunteer Opportunities


Pre-Education Volunteer Opportunities with Children or Youth

In order to apply to the Educational Foundations major:

  • You will need to have recent and relevant experience with children while you are enrolled in a university or community college.
  • You will need a recommendation from the person who directly observed and supervised you working with children or youth.
  • Be sure that your volunteer or paid experience is long enough (at least one term or 30-40 hours) for your teacher or organization coordinator to provide a comprehensive recommendation for you.
  • The recommending teacher/coordinator must have observed you for at least half of your volunteer experience with them.
  • We do not accept letters of recommendations from the following experiences: Babysitting, being a nanny, working for a family member, or volunteering while in high school
  • Students apply to the major during winter term of their sophomore year. We recommend beginning your volunteer or work experience no later than the summer between your freshman and sophomore years to ensure that you are able to work the required number of hours and request your recommendation well before the application deadline.

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities with organizations that serve local children and youth. You may also find a volunteer experience that is not on this list as long as it meets the requirements above. And finally - have fun!

Practicing Professionalism for Pre-Education Volunteer Opportunities:
1. Communicate with one contact person at a time.
2. Let them know that you are a pre-education student.
3. After you confirm a volunteer position with agreed upon hours:
- Complete any criminal background check if it is required of the organization.
- Be on time & turn off cell phones during your volunteering.
- Dress modestly & communicate with your supervisor in a professional manner.
- Have a great time working with children!

CATEGORIES:   Local Schools       University of Oregon       Outdoor/Environmental       Community Organizations



Current Classroom Opportunities
We maintain a list of local teachers who are currently seeking volunteers to assist in their classrooms. Please email the EdF Placement Coordinator Jeanne Hall if you are interested.
You will be given contact information for one or two elementary teachers. You will then be responsible for contacting the teacher(s) and arranging your volunteer schedule. In your initial email to Jeanne, please let her know if you have your own transportation or not.

BEST After School Program (various 4j Eugene elementary and middle schools)
Serves low income youth, boosts academic achievement and provides enrichment opportunities. Works study students and volunteers are needed to provide math and reading tutor services.
Contact: Shelly Williams, or 541-790-7556

Eugene 4J School District

Springfield School District

Bethel School District
Call or stop by any Bethel school to will learn where you can help, at what times, and in what capacity.

4j Eugene AVID Tutoring Program (middle & high school)
Requires a training session, usually offered early fall and spring.
Contact: Pat Louderback,

SMART — Start Making a Reader Today
Help elementary students become confident readers by providing individual volunteer attention in local schools.
May have paid work study positions.

KIDSPORTS/Cesar Chavez Physical Literacy Project
KIDSPORTS is partnering with Cesar Chavez to bring the Physical Literacy Project (PLP) to elementary aged children attending Chavez Elementary. Children will learn movement and motor skills through fun, games, and activities that provide opportunities for children to learn to move their bodies with confidence and under control. KIDSPORTS is very interested and excited about partnering with students in the Oregon College of Education to provide undergrad students with practical field experience in the Eugene/Springfield Community.  As a future teacher, this experience allows you to be a part of a cutting edge Physical Literacy Program that would give you experience in physical education curriculum and program execution. Volunteer Expectations/Commitment: Students will be asked to volunteer at one of two sessions per week, or if desired, both sessions.  Students will work with a qualified instructor and will have access to the KS Physical Literacy Curriculum. Cesar Chavez is located at 1510 W 14th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402. For further information, please contact Bev Smith, Executive Director of KIDSPORTS at: or by calling 541 683 2374 ext. 109

Pearl Buck Preschool
Preschool Classroom Assistant: Read to a child, blow bubbles on the playground or just lend a hand when needed.
Contact: Assistant Director, Emily Collins for availability at

Far Horizons Montessori School
Looking for supervised classroom volunteers and after care from 2:30-6:00.
Far Horizons Montessori School
Contact: 541-485-0521 or

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Early Childhood CARES
Volunteer opportunities in early childhood special education and inclusive preschool classrooms. Possible paid or volunteer opportunities for Spanish or sign language interpretation. Apply online:
Contact: Jeanine Taylor or (541) 735-1766

Teaching and Learning Center
Are you interested in teaching? Do you enjoy helping students understand math? Are you a patient listener and explainer? Are you open to exploring a variety of approaches to learning? If so, consider applying to be a Class Encore Leader with the Teaching and Learning Center.

Class Encore refers to small study groups for challenging classes. Students who have previously excelled in the class or in similar content are hired to lead the groups in reviewing challenging course concepts and learning strategies for success. This job is ideal for students with strong communication skills who would like to pursue a career in teaching.

We’re always on the lookout for Math 241, 242, and 243 leaders. We also occasionally have openings for leaders for BA 101 and general chemistry. Leaders are paid $12.25/hour for about 10 hours/week to sit in on the course, attend training, plan activities, and lead 1-3 study groups. If you’re interested, contact the Teaching and Learning Center at 541-346-3226 to set up an interview with the Class Encore Coordinator, Dr. Laura Eidam (  This winter we’re hiring for positions that begin in the spring and fall.                                                               

Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) Reading Clinic
Provides direct reading intervention services at the Hedco Clinic.
Contact: Anna Ingram or Shaheen Munir-McHill,

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art: Kids’ Programs
Assist with art classes with children on the UO campus or in nearby local schools.
Website:; or
Contact: Arthurina Fears,

Moss Street Children's Center (near UO campus)
Contact: 541-346-4384

Vivian Olum Child Development Center  (near UO campus)
Contact: Amy Ripley,

Co-op Family Center (a few blocks from the UO campus)
Contact: Alisa Stull,

Community Engagement at the Holden Center (Duck Corps) Volunteer Opportunities Database:
Please be sure that you are selecting an opportunity with the theme of “Education” and that your opportunity involves working directly with children or youth for an extended time. If you have any questions about the suitability of a volunteer opportunity, please email Keri Baker before you begin volunteering.

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School Garden Project
Looking for students who are able to commit to 1.5 hours at the same day/time weekly for 10 weeks fall or spring term(s) regarding environmental education with school gardens.
Contact: Elizabeth Goward,

Mount Pisgah Arboretum
In spring and fall of each year, Mount Pisgah Arboretum offers a free training program for volunteers interested in becoming nature guides for elementary school children in our community.
Contact: Jenny Laxton,

Willamette Resources & Educational Network
WREN Wetlands Guides assist staff with classroom and/or field programs, community events, and more.
Contact: ShyAnne Woods, Volunteer Coordinator

Nearby Nature
Volunteers lead nature walks, assist with classroom visits and help with day camps.
Contact: Beth Stein,

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Springfield Willamalane Parks and Recreation
Kids Club and Summer Playground programs both offer opportunities to work with children.

Eugene YMCA (a few blocks from UO campus)
Childcare, after school and sports programs.
Youth Development Contact: Holly Kriz-Anderson,
All Volunteer Opportunities Contact: Jeff Oliver,

Eugene Boys and Girls Club
Assist in after school activities with students ages 6 – 18 years old.
Contact: Aaron Haack,

Pilas! Family Literacy Program (evening programs in Bethel and Springfield schools, winter & spring terms)
Pilas! offers pre-kindergarten readiness classes, K-8 reading curriculum and other academic support, family involvement activities, and English classes for parents. Make sure your experience involves working with children or youth.
Contact:  Brook Edwards,

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