Pre-Education Major (First Year and Second Year)

Students planning to major in educational foundations enter the university as pre-education (PED) majors.

The pre-education major consists of a set of introductory classes for you to explore your interest in teaching while working on your general education classes.

During pre-education studies, you are introduced to the theoretical framework that structures the educational foundations studies during your junior and senior years.

This framework draws heavily from:

  • Cultural studies
  • Ethnic studies
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology
  • Post-colonial theory
  • Education studies

The goal is for you to move from acceptance of “how life in classrooms has been” toward envisioning the possibility of “how life in classrooms can be.”

During your pre-education study, you will incorporate a minimum of 30 hours of working or volunteering with children, which should be completed before fall term of your sophomore year.

During your sophomore winter term, you need to apply to the educational foundations major to begin the following fall term.

Pre-education status does not guarantee admission to the educational foundations major.

Apply to be a Pre-Education Major

Pre-Education Requirements

Although there are no prerequisites, students must add the pre-education major.

UO Group Requirements

WR 121 College Composition I4
WR 122 College Composition II or WR 123 College Composition III4
WORLD LANGUAGE (BA only): Can start required two years college level 

*See list in DuckWeb degree guide or EdF curriculum

BS Sequence

MATH 211 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I4
MATH 212 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics II4
MATH 213 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics III4

BA Sequence

EDST 471 Foundations of Algebra Learning4
EDST 472 Foundations of Geometry Learning4

Education Courses

EDST 111 Educational Issues and Problems1


EDST 220 Beginning Applications in Educational Technology4
EDST 225 School and Representation in Film24

1 Social Science General Education Course
2 American Cultures General Education Course

Other Requirements

Pre-education students are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer or work experience with children in a professional setting after high school graduation and in the United States.

The supervisor will complete a recommendation form for the EdF application. Pre-education majors will apply during winter term of their sophomore year for the junior cohort that will begin the following fall.