John Seeley

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Prevention Science, Special Education
Phone: 541-346-3005
Office: 358 HEDCO Education Bldg


John R. Seeley, Ph.D., is a professor in the Special Education and Clinical Sciences department and a core faculty member in the Prevention Science program. His research interests include emotional and behavioral disorders, school-based mental health intervention, research design and program evaluation, and digital health technology. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Oregon, John was a senior research scientist at the Oregon Research Institute.


Ph.D., 2001, University of Oregon
Major: Special Education: Interdisciplinary Studies
M.S., 1991, University of Oregon
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies: Psychology, Community Health, & Decision Science
B.S., 1985, University of Oregon
Major:Political Science


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Garbacz, S. A., Zerr, A. A., Dishion, T. J., Seeley, J. R., & Stormshak, E. (in press). Parent educational involvement in middle school: Longitudinal influences on student outcomes. Journal of Early Adolescence.

Olino, T. M., Benini, L., Icenogle, G., Wilson, S., Klein, D. N., Seeley, J. R., Lewinsohn, P. M. (in press). Is the assessment of personality comparable in persons who have and have not experienced depressive, anxiety, and substance use disorders? An examination of measurement invariance. Assessment.

Seeley, J. R., Small, J. W., Feil, E. G., Frey, A. J., Walker, H. M., Golly, A., & Forness, S. R. (in press). Effects of the First Step to Success intervention on preschoolers with disruptive behavior and comorbid anxiety problems. School Mental Health: A Multidisciplinary Research and Practice Journal.

Kosty, D. B., Seeley, J. R., Farmer, R. F., Stevens, J. J., & Lewinsohn, P. M. (2017). Trajectories of cannabis use disorder: risk factors, clinical characteristics and outcomes. Addiction, 112 (2), 279-287.

Farmer, R. F., Seeley, J. R., Kosty, D. B., Gau, J. M., Duncan, S. C., Sher, K. J., & Lewinsohn, P. M. (2017). No reliable evidence that emotional disorders are proximal antecedents, concomitants, or short-term consequences of first episode alcohol use disorders in a representative community sample. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 78, 222-231.

Seeley, J. R., Manitsas, T., & Gau, J. M. (2017). Feasibility study of a peer-facilitated low intensity cognitive-behavioral intervention for mild to moderate depression and anxiety in older adults. Aging & Mental Health, 21 (9), 968-974.


R01MH108869             Benson, Cameto & Seeley (MPIs)                                       08/01/16 – 07/31/20

Development and Validation of a Diagnostic Interview Schedule to Assess Psychopathology in Youth with Intellectual Disabilities. The purpose of this project is to conduct formative development activities to adapt the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children (DISC) for assessing DSM-5 mental disorders among adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities (ages 14 to 21 years). A field test will be conducted to examine the reliability and validity of the modified DISC interview formats with a diverse sample of 400 adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers recruited from both clinical and community settings. Role: PD/PI

R324A150179               Frey (PD/PI)                                                                 07/01/15 – 06/29/19

Efficacy of Enhanced First Step to Success Intervention for Tertiary-Level Students with Disruptive Behavior. The purpose of this project is to conduct an efficacy trial to examine the relative magnitude of immediate, pre-post effects of the home and school modules of the Tertiary First Step to Success intervention via a randomized 2x2 factorial design. Role: Co-PI

R01DA037628              Seeley & Stormshak (MPIs)                                          03/01/15 – 01/31/20

Prevention of Substance Use in At-risk Students: A Family-centered Web Program. The aims of this project are to develop and experimentally evaluate a web/mobile version of the Family Check-Up intervention for reduction of youth risk behavior and substance use. Role: MPI