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Jen Doty

Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology, Family and Human Services, Prevention Science


Dr. Jen Doty is an Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services. Prior to coming to the University of Oregon, Dr. Jennifer Doty was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences at the University of Florida. She was an NIMH CHIPS fellow and completed an interdisciplinary fellowship in adolescent health at the University of Minnesota through a T32 training grant in Interdisciplinary Research Training in Child and Adolescent Primary Care.  

Dr. Doty’s research is built around the idea that parent-child relationships and technology are key leverage points for improving adolescent health and well-being. Her focus is the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying and the promotion of mental health. She has over thirty peer reviewed articles on these topics as well as two books and several book chapters.

As a first generation, second generation Latinx immigrant, Jen is committed to supporting first gen students from diverse backgrounds. She works with her students to identify and apply for scholarships and research opportunities. Students in her lab work on community-engaged, equity-focused projects, and she promotes opportunities for students to be involved in writing. Dr. Doty fosters an environment where she and students learn from each other. She has been a primary advisor for three PhD students and three master’s students and has served on several other graduate student committees. In addition, she has mentored several undergraduate students in McNair projects, undergraduate research scholarships, and honors theses.

Dr. Doty teaches classes in Family and Human Services and works as an affiliate faculty with the Prevention Science Institute.


Ph.D. Family Social Science, University of Minnesota

M.S. Applied Family and Child Studies, School of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences, Northern Illinois University

B.A. English, minor Psychology, Brigham Young University

Honors and Awards

2022     NIMH CHIPS (Child Intervention, Prevention, and Services) Fellow

2020     Society for Prevention Research Early Career Prevention Science Training Program, selected for competitive training cohort

2018     NIH Training Award, Optimization of Behavioral and Biobehavioral Interventions

2014     Ruth Hathaway Jewson Award for an outstanding dissertation proposal, National Council on Family Relations

2014     Sloboda and Bukowski Cup 1st place award for a prevention research competition, team captain, Society for Prevention Research


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Dr. Doty’s current research project focuses on understanding cyber spillover from the home environment to the school environment. She also collaborates with Dr. Joy Gabrielli at the University of Florida to engage parents to prevent cyberbullying and promote online safety. She leverages the online environment for the dissemination of parent-based prevention programming for diverse families. For example, she is working with community partners to conduct formative research with Latinx families to understand their needs in online contexts and strategies to more effectively meet the needs of Latinx families.