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CDS Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan:

Specific Focus for 2015-16

Program Goals

  1. Increase number and engagement of tenure line faculty in research and teaching.
  2. Implement admissions procedures to increase recruitment of and offer acceptance to high caliber students who bring CLD (cultural linguistic diversity).
  3. Train students in evidence-based practice to serve a diverse range of people across the lifespan with disorders of speech, language, hearing, cognition and swallowing (on-going)

Clinical Training Goals

  1. Begin the process of establishing a specialty clinic model that (1) promotes interdisciplinary training, (2) links research to practice, (3) increases depth of training in competency areas, and (4) encourages training in cultural linguistic diversity.
  2. Prepare students to use state-of-the-art technology and current research an apply to clinical practice.


  • Generate state-of-the-art basic and applied research that increases our knowledge of the nature and treatment of disorders of speech, language, hearing, cognition and swallowing (ongoing)


  • Increase cultural competency among students, faculty, and staff (on-going)


  • Provide outreach and clinical services to all people including under-served and diverse populations in our community (on-going)