Communication Disorders and Sciences Strategic Plan

Fall 2018–Spring 2020

Program Objectives

  1. Recruit and retain diverse undergraduate and graduate students
  2. Maintain CDS PhD Program with 7–8 students in program students by fall 2018
  3. Track undergraduate and post-bac graduation patterns and student academic data as measures of program delivery
  4. Deepen and broaden alumni and community network
  5. Evaluate ASL instructor and curriculum needs
  6. Evaluate outcome of INICIO program
  7. Increase support for faculty and community SLP development

Clinical Training Objectives

  1. Maintain excellence in training as measured by alumni feedback, community supervisor feedback, faculty input, and current student feedback
  2. Increase the options for interprofessional practice
  3. Document specialty clinic outcomes process with core questions and individual clinic processes and put on InfoCDS
  4. Increase number of undergrads participating in CDS 409 practicum to 25 per year
  5. Increase integration between research and training

Research Objectives

  1. Maintain high number of undergraduate/postbac research opportunities for students
  2. Research conducted and disseminated by UO CDS faculty will advance clinical practice in our field on a state and national scale