Communication Disorders and Sciences Strategic Plan

Fall 2020–Spring 2022

Program Objectives

  1. Revise the graduate curriculum to be culturally and linguistically responsive and explicitly antiracist as measured by [the identified learning outcomes]* being present in 60% of graduate course syllabi. (*These will be identified through the curricular revision process.)
  2. Recruit and retain Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) graduate students, with the goal of growing the community of BIPOC practitioners, as measured by a 3-5%* increase in matriculated (recruit) and graduated (retain) students self-identifying as BIPOC. (*Data will be compared to our 2019 matriculation baseline data of 18%.)
  3. Matriculate 1-2 BIPOC PhD students and/or PhD students with interest in doing work with BIPOC populations, with the goal of growing the community of BIPOC faculty and researchers. 

Clinical Training Objectives

  1. Ensure clinical training provides students with knowledge and skills needed to work with diverse populations for social justice, equity, and access as measured by 90% of our students receiving a score of “3” or higher in Calipso by their externship coordinators as related to ASHA Standard V-B 3a and 3.1.1B: “Communicates effectively, recognizing the needs, values, preferred mode of communication, and cultural/linguistic background of the patient, family, caregiver, and relevant others” (2020 entering cohort).
  2. Increase accessibility to services provided by HEDCO SLHC, thus increasing students' experience working with clients of diverse backgrounds as evidenced by a 3-5%* increase in BIPOC clients assessed/treated in the SLHC. (*Data will be compared to our 2019-2020 baseline data of 13%.)

Research Objectives

  1. Mentor at least 4 Master’s Student Evidence-Based Capstone Projects related to cultural responsivity and antiracism in speech-language pathology, in order to increase student activism and in order to grow the relevant literature base.
  2. Support research participation and career development of BIPOC high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, in order to diversify the research pipeline, as measured by faculty involvement with 5-6 BIPOC students in lab- and clinical-research work.

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CDS Strategic Plan 2020-2022