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Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior

Jeffrey R. Sprague and Hill M. Walker, Co-directors
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Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior
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The mission of the Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior (IVBD) is to empower schools and social service agencies to address violence and destructive behavior at the point of school entry and beyond. The goal is to ensure safety and facilitate the academic achievement and healthy social development of children and youth. The Oregon State Board of Higher Education authorized IVBD as an Oregon University System Center of Excellence in 1995.

IVDB personnel study the developmental trajectories, and risk-protective factors and interventions that are related to the prevention of school violence, school failure, delinquency and other destructive outcomes among at-risk children and adolescents from diverse communities and cultures. The institute’s research and outreach activities encompass the following:

  • Translating evidence-based, technical knowledge and procedures into consumer friendly forms that practitioners can use in applied, culturally diverse contexts;
  • Conducting original research on tools and interventions that make schools and communities safer, healthier, and more effective and violence free;
  • Using social marketing and best practices in dissemination to promote adoption, implementation and maintenance of evidence-based best professional practices;
  • Sharing expertise through legislative testimony, outreach training, and technical assistance provided to federal and state legislative bodies, policy centers, state and local education agencies, and other public and private agencies serving at-risk children and youth and their families;
  • Training and coaching key implementation agents who serve as collaborative partners for our intervention programs located in school districts and social service agencies in Oregon, across the United States, and internationally; and
  • Supporting the academic mission of the University and the College of Education by integrating knowledge gained in our research and outreach activities into undergraduate and graduate classes, academic advising, and university service.

Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior