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Center on Teaching and Learning

Hank Fien
Julie Watts, Office Assistant


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Center on Teaching and Learning
5292 University of Oregon

The Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) is committed to conducting research on the design, delivery and efficacy of curriculum (e.g., what teachers use to teach reading, math and science programs and materials), instruction (e.g., how teachers teach reading and math, and science content and skills), and assessment (e.g., how teachers, schools and school districts assess student academic performance) as individual elements used in schools, especially in the primary, elementary and middle school grades.

CTL current research focuses on the rigorous evaluation of instructional strategies in the teaching and assessment of reading and mathematic skills in K-8. CTL focuses its research and outreach efforts on the following major activities:

  • The enhancement of the design and delivery of well-established early reading intervention strategies and materials.
  • The development of a program of efficacy research on the design and delivery of a mathematics curriculum in the primary and elementary grades.
  • A rigorous evaluation of the reading intervention practices, school engagement systems and data-based decision making practices and systems of middle schools in Oregon.
  • The ongoing development and expansion of a web-based data system for capturing and reporting students’ performance on a set curriculum-based reading and math student assessment measures. 
  • The continued support of the K-12 Oregon Literacy Framework and the Oregon Literacy Plan for the State of Oregon.

The Center on Teaching and Learning