Meet Dylan Gunther, '23

EPoL student Dylan Gunther

What have you learned during your time in the program that has helped shaped your future career goals?

The EPoL program has helped make the world of education and social science research accessible. I think this background is foundational for people who are interested in relying on research to develop effective policy, inform their school leadership or nonprofit advocacy, or conduct research within educational systems.

What are your career plans after completion of the program?

There are two career paths I’m interested in. I may choose to work as a policy analyst for the Oregon Department of Education, but I am also excited about working hands on with students and teachers and may choose to work towards an administrative license.

Are there any faculty/staff that has been influential and helpful during your time in the program?

The small EPoL cohort has developed a real sense of community, both within the cohort and with our professors. The faculty and peers in the cohort have been really supportive and encouraging.

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