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Randy Kamphaus

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130 HEDCO Education Building Eugene, OR 97403-1215
Dean, College of Education
PhD, University of Georgia
MA, University of Illinois - Springfield
BA, Quincy University
Research and Outreach Unit(s): 

Professor Kamphaus comes to the University of Oregon from Georgia, where he spent most of his career on the faculty of the University of Georgia, having served as a distinguished research professor, department head, clinic director and an academic program coordinator, among other roles. He subsequently served as dean of the College of Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta.


Dean Kamphaus' work has focused on clinical test development, and child psychodiagnostics. He is co-author of the Behavioral Assessment System for Children (BASC; with Professor Cecil Reynolds from Texas A & M University), Behavioral and Emotional Screening System (BESS; also with Professor Reynolds), Behavioral Intervention Guide (with Professors Reynolds, and Kimberly Vannest also of Texas A & M), among several other measures, methods, software, and other tools that are intended to enhance the work of special educators, educational and school psychologists, clinical psychologists, and developmental pediatricians, among other practitioners. He works with colleagues in a variety of countries, currently with Drs. Elena Perez Hernandez at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and Christine Ahn at Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea). Among his recent projects, he and Dr. Perez Hernandez are developing memory assessments for Spanish speaking populations.

Dr. Kamphaus is now focusing his research and development work on prevention of child mental health problems in schools. With his former students Drs. Erin Dowdy (University of California - Santa Barbara), Bridget Dever (Lehigh University), Tara Raines (University of Denver), Leigh Harrell-Williams (University of Memphis), and long-term colleague Dr. Christine DiStefano (University of South Carolina), he is implementing universal screening to detect children with behavioral and emotional risk, deliver group-based preventive interventions, and implement data-based prevention evaluation and continuous service improvement for children with risk.

His recent teaching interests includes a new course on mental health screening in schools.