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Communication Disorders and Sciences (Ph.D.)

The doctoral degree program in communication disorders and sciences emphasizes advanced knowledge, scholarship, leadership, and clinical competence in speech-language pathology and cognitive communication sciences. Effective cognitive communicative skills play a key role in the achievement of academic, social, and vocational success and, in turn, in the development of productive and contributing citizens. The philosophy of the Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) program is that the ability to communicate and process effectively is a fundamental right of all human beings. When this right is compromised through circumstances affecting any child, adolescent, or adult, society suffers along with the individual.

School Psychology main objective of the graduate programs in School Psychology at the University of Oregon is the preparation of problem solving psychologists who work effectively with others in the identification and remediation of social and educational problems with children and adults. The aim of this professional preparation is to develop school psychologists who are grounded thoroughly in the principles of human behavior and educational psychology. School psychology students at the University of Oregon are trained to be scientists/practitioners.

PhD in Quantitative Research Methods in Education

The PhD in Quantitative Research Methods in Education develops expertise in educational research and is intended for those who wish to pursue careers as researchers in educational organizations or as professors of education specializing in research.

PhD: Doctorate in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education

The PhD in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education (CSSE) at the University of Oregon emphasizes the development of expertise in research on curriculum, instruction, and teacher education. The program promotes a broad conception of the objects of inquiry in scholarship on education. Students in this program are expected not just to ask how we can teach more effectively and efficiently, but also to ask what is worth teaching and to examine the assumptions underlying answers to both of those questions.

Counseling Psychology

Historic Knight gift will expand graduate opportunities

A recently announced gift of $500M from Phil and Penny Knight will help fund an additional 250 PhD students as part of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. Read more in Around the O.

Special Education (PhD)

The doctoral program in special education prepares individuals for research and teaching positions in higher education, research positions with private foundations, administrative positions in school districts and other state educational agencies, and consultation positions in professional education. The depth and breadth of research, teaching service, and preparation at the UO College of Education transcend many program options in special education.

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