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Doctoral Research Awards Application


DECEMBER 7, 2018, AND MARCH 8, 2019, by 5:00 p.m.

Awards will be granted based on the importance of the topic to the field, conceptual and background information, research questions, methods, measures, analysis, clarity and cogency, letter of support, and appropriateness of the budget. Research awards are intended to directly support dissertation research. A typical award ranges from $500–$3,000, depending on research needs, quality of the proposal, funds available, and eligibility based on award criteria. If the application exceeds the page limit, it will not be reviewed, but it is very important that all criteria be addressed clearly and with detail.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all COE students who

  • Have a dissertation proposal that has been approved by their dissertation committee.
  • Are currently enrolled and in good standing.
  • Are applying to fund costs directly related to dissertation research.

Expenses not eligible for funding include travel to conferences, thank you gifts, or dissemination costs. Incentives, defined as a reward given to research subjects, can be considered for funding. Thank you gifts, defined as an acknowledgment of those who assisted with the study but were not themselves subjects, are not eligible.

To obtain and submit a hard copy of the application please contact Andrea Olson at or 541-346-5943.

Be advised you will need to have all documents prepared for upload when you begin the process of filling out this form.

Submit completed application with the items below:
  1. Research proposal (limit of 10 double-spaced pages, not including references and budget):
    • Introduction briefly reviewing relevant information
    • Purpose which states research goals and their importance
    • Methods section clearly outlining procedures and analyses
  2. Line item budget and a detailed budget narrative outlining needs and type of support required
  3. Letter of support from the Dissertation Committee Chair or COE Dissertation Committee Member, indicating approval of the project. Letter of support must include a statement on the appropriateness of budget.
  4. Copy of the Dissertation Proposal Approval form, with all signatures.