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Applying for COE Scholarships

Q. Where can I find the application?
A. The application is available electronically this year or you may print out the application for mail or hand delivery to the address below. Please see for application and more information.

Q. Do I have to apply individually for each COE scholarship?
A. No. Submitted applications are considered for all COE scholarships whose eligibility requirements you match. In order to assist the committee in the awards process, you may suggest up to three scholarship matches in the application. See the list of scholarships available.

Q. I have already sent my materials in with my program/department application to the college. Can you use the same items for my scholarship application?
A. No. The COE scholarship application process is separate from the process of applying to COE programs or departments. Even if some of the required materials are the same, you must apply separately to obtain scholarships and to be admitted to a program/department.

Q: How should I submit my TRANSCRIPTS?
A: You must submit degree transcripts from all institutions of higher education you have attended. Students currently enrolled in an academic program at the time of applying for a scholarship (including UO students) must also provide a current transcript. Current UO students can request a transcript from Duckweb. Copies of transcripts can be uploaded directly into the application form.


Have the institution from which you are currently attending or have received a degree submit the transcript to


Send transcripts from current and each degreed institution to COE Scholarship Committee-College of Education-1215 University of Oregon-Eugene, OR 97403


Drop them off at 230 HEDCO Education Building from (8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri).

Q. I applied for a scholarship last year, can I request the transcripts on file be used for the current application.

A: Yes. Please indicate on the application that you would like to use transcripts on file.

Q: I attend the UO. Do I still need to include a current official UO transcript?
A: Yes. This shows your current academic standing.

Q: I attend the UO and my prior credits transferred. Do I still need transcripts from my previous college or university?
A: Only if you received a degree from the institution. Currently enrolled UO students must provide an official current UO transcript as well official degree transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended.

Q: Should my letters of recommendation come from professors?
A: We encourage you to ask instructors. However, you should choose whoever knows the most about you and your activities and can make the strongest recommendation on your behalf.

Q: Can employers, grade school teachers, etc. write letters of recommendation for me?
A: Yes, but your choice should be based on these criteria: those who know the most about you and your activities, and can make the strongest recommendation on your behalf.

Q: Where can my recommenders find the electronic form to submit a recommendation?

Q: Can I send my transcripts and recommendation directly to the College of Ed?
A: Yes, you may have your degree or current transcripts sent directly to the college. Electronic transcripts sent directly from the institution are also accepted. Electronic transcripts should be sent to Recommendation can be submitted directly by your recommender via the electronic form or can be sent directly to the address below.

Q: Do my recommendations need to be confidential?
A: Recommendation are not required to be submitted confidentially. The recommender may submit them electronically or they may be submitted directly to the address below. If you have your letter of recommendation on file, you may submit the recommendation yourself through the electronic web form.

Q: When is the deadline?
A: Complete applications, letters of recommendation, and transcripts must be received by January 19 by 4pm electronically or in the College of Education Office of Development, 230P HEDCO Education, Attention: Scholarship Committee. Postmarks will not be accepted.


Mailing Address:
COE Scholarship Committee
College of Education
1215 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1215

Or hand deliver to:
College of Education Office of Advancement
230P HEDCO Education
Attention: Scholarship Committee