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Master's in Educational Leadership

Contact: Angela Burham, Student Services Coordinator
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Program Description

Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership (EMPL) offers a master's degree in Educational Leadership. This degree develops researchers and scholars who can apply theoretical frameworks, methodological approaches, and analytical skills to improve educational outcomes in pre-K-12 systems.

A master's degree in Educational Leadership will prepare you to understand and use educational research to solve problems of practice. As a graduate of this program, you will be well-prepared to apply data-driven methods and strategies to develop, implement, evaluate, and research educational programs.

This degree focuses on several dimensions of research leadership in pre-K-12 educational systems:

  • Development of policies that guide programs
  • Creation of organization structures and functions to facilitate change
  • Measurement and analysis of educational outcomes to enact accountability

A master's degree in Educational Leadership is ideal for those who wish to pursue careers in student support services, school administration, staff and community relations, or program coordination, or as preparation for a doctoral degree.

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Master's Emphases

Master's students choose between one of two areas of emphasis in their program:

  1. Policy and Leadership
    This emphasis builds practical and theoretical knowledge and skills to support policy, leadership, and assessment.
  2. Quantitative Research Methods (QRM)
    This emphasis builds theoretical knowledge and applied skills in research design, statistics, and measurement. It is designed for those who wish to pursue careers in educational research including professional positions in school systems, state government agencies, private testing companies, and regional educational research laboratories.

Master of Science (MS) vs Master of Education (MEd)

Most master's students in EMPL earn a master of science (MS) degree in Educational Leadership, which can be completed without a background in teaching.

A Master of Education (MEd) is available specifically for students enrolled in the Preliminary Administrator Licensure program who have teaching experience but do not yet have a master's degree. For more information about this option, please visit the Administrator Licensure Program page.