Graduate Spotlight: Jennifer Christmas

image of Jennifer Christmas and a younger individual posing for camera

Learn more about Jennifer Christmas, a graduate of COE's Professional Administrators Licensure program, through our Graduate Spotlight series

"Jennifer's work has resulted in Multi-Tiered System of Supports that can be a beacon for the state.” – Professor of Practice, Jennifer Haliski

Meet Jennifer Christmas 👋 Jennifer is a distance student completing the Professional Administrator Licensure program.

Jennifer is the student wellness specialist at Jewett Elementary in Central Point Oregon. She was drawn to become an administrator by her desire to create a collaborative, inclusive environment that prioritizes student well-being and success. One of the ways Jennifer does this in her current work is through implementing the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in her school. She is proud of the empowerment and ownership it brought to her staff’s work as well as how it supported her students. Professor of Practice, Jennifer Haliski, mentions Jennifer's “collaborative leadership style" and the way she "developed broad ownership by all stakeholders for each system and structure that developed."

Following graduation, Jennifer plans to continue this innovative work either in her district or through other opportunities that come her way. #DuckGrad24 🎓

Hometown: Eagle Point, Oregon

What inspired you to pursue an administrator license?

My decision to pursue an administrator license was driven by my desire to create a collaborative environment where everyone works together toward a shared vision that prioritizes student success and well-being. Also, I aim to cultivate an accepting and safe campus that promotes personal responsibility, respect, risk-taking, critical thinking, curiosity, self-expression, and the joy of lifelong learning.

It was mentioned that you spearheaded development of Multi-Tiered System of Supports in your school, that has resulted in MTSS being a beacon for the state. How did that experience help develop your leadership skills?

Developing this MTSS framework provided a platform to empower a group of passionate and talented team members, enabling them to take remarkable ownership of a shared vision. Their dedication brought incredible innovation to every facet of this framework. Leading this work that supported both students and staff to thrive and achieve tremendous success, has been my greatest accomplishment.

What are your plans following graduation?

Following graduation, I hope to find administrative opportunities within my current district to continue building on this innovative work. At the same time, I am also keeping my options open to explore new possibilities.

What was your favorite resource at the College of Education?

I am deeply grateful for the exceptional guidance provided by my university and COSA mentor, Bob King. His unwavering support and insightful guidance were instrumental in advancing this ambitious endeavor.  Thank you!