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Recent EMPL Dissertation Titles

Fall 2014

  • Adam Withycombe, An exploration of the role of English language proficiency in academic achievement (D.Ed.)

Summer 2014

  • Amber Garrison-Duncan, General education in the 21st century: Aspirational goals and institutional practice (Ph.D.)
  • Nargas Oskui-Tabrizi, Academic computing infrastructure program evaluation (D.Ed.)

Spring 2014

  • Eric Bergmann, An examination of the relationship between the frequency of standardized testing and academic Achievement (D.Ed.)
  • Liz Gilkey-French, The validity of the CampusReady survey (Ph.D.)
  • Heather Norland Anderson, Analyzing Advanced Placement syllabi for problem solving, authentic learning, and collaborative learning practices (D.Ed.)
  • Linda O’Shea, Predictive validity of reading curriculum-based measures on mathematic performance at third grade (D.Ed.)
  • Andrew Schaper, Informative prior distributions in multilevel/hierarchical linear growth models: Demonstrating the use of Bayesian updating for fixed effects (Ph.D.)
  • Ronald Young, An analysis of subgroup differences on self-assessment scores of college readiness skills (D.Ed.)

Winter 2014

  • Brikena Haxhiraj, Curriculum-based assessment predicting success of seventh-grade students with and without learning disabilities on statewide assessment (D.Ed.)
  • Kathleen Jackson, A program evaluation of effective behavioral and instructional support systems on student reading outcomes (D.Ed.)
  • Patrick Kennedy, Measuring the effects of instructional environment and student engagement on reading achievement for struggling readers in middle school (Ph.D.)

Fall 2013

  • Chris Morton, Judging alignment of curriculum-based measures in mathematics and Common Core State Standards
  • Kelly Talbert, Student-faculty interaction and its relation to satisfaction, aspiration, and college GPA for first-generation college students (D.Ed.)

Spring 2013

  • Birk, Lisa, Construct relevant and irrelevant variables in math problem solving assessment (D.Ed.) 
  • Bouchard, John, Math as a proxy for post-secondary persistence among GEDs (D.Ed.)
  • Caplinger, Robert, The impact of flexible interdisciplinary block scheduling on reading achievement (D.Ed.)  
  • Deboy, Sarah, The predictive relationship between oral reading fluency and comprehension as It relates to minority students (D.Ed.)  
  • Havlin, Patricia, Examining secondary writing: Curriculum-based measures and six traits (D.Ed.)  
  • Killen, Carey, The relationship between a mathematics curriculum-based measure and mathematics performance on EXPLORE (D.Ed.)  
  • Margo, Desiree, Systematic decision making and growth in reading high stakes accountability systems (D.Ed.)  
  • Ryan, Amanda, An examination of the relation between self-perceived leadership practices of high school principals and student achievement (D.Ed.)  
  • Silver, Marisa, Use of teacher-supported goal setting to improve writing quality, quantity, and self-efficacy in middle school writers (D.Ed.)  
  • Soisson, Barbra, Believing is doing: developing efficacy in middle school (D.Ed.)  
  • Spencer-Iiams, Jennifer, Passage reading fluency in Spanish and English: The relation to state testing outcomes in English in a dual-language context (D.Ed.)  
  • Tupou, Samuel, A descriptive correlational study of teacher participation in professional development and teacher efficacy (D.Ed.)  
  • West, Suzanne, The predictive relation of a high school mathematics GPA on high-stakes assessment achievement scores in mathematics (D.Ed.)  

Winter 2013

  • Byers, Brandy, A comparison of participation and performance to student enrollment status in two public, online K-12 charter schools using extant data (D.Ed.) 

Fall 2012

  • Gomez, Angela, The effects of personalized practice software on learning math standards in the third through fifth grades (D.Ed.)
  • James, Dena, Exploring classification of black-white biracial Students in Oregon schools (Ph.d.) 
  • Krankowski, Edward, School psychology service provisions within a public health model (D.Ed.)