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Financial Aid

Many of our scholarships are based on financial need, so it is important for you to complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) by the federal deadline.

Submit the University of Oregon as your university of choice. Our code is 003223.

International students and those not able to file a FAFSA are eligible for College of Education scholarships and, while not required, are encouraged to establish financial need by submitting a financial resources form to the Office of International Affairs.

Free Application for Student Financial Aid


We provide a number of scholarship and funding opportunities in an effort to offer students support in pursuing their degrees and professional futures by removing as many barriers to those goals as possible.

We use one common application that will automatically enter you into consideration for any and all scholarships for which you meet selection criteria.

If selected, scholarship recipients must:

  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Serve as representatives of the college
  • Meet with the dean, development officer, and scholarship committee as requested
  • Maintain contact with living donor (if applicable)

Students currently applying for a COE academic program, but not yet accepted at the time of the deadline, should still submit their scholarship application for consideration, pending acceptance into the program. Scholarship decisions will be made prior to the end of March.

Undergraduate Scholarships Graduate Scholarships

Apply for Scholarships

Doctoral Research Award

The College of Education provides awards for doctoral research projects. Projects need to be approved by students’ dissertation committees. Award applications are open twice each year.

Apply for a Doctoral Research Award

Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship program’s focus has shifted from supporting students in any major area of study to supporting students in education and related fields.

Applicants primary major must be in the College of Education, or in a related field such as psychology, linguistics, general science, or general social science. The research project must be related to an educational issue and the applicant must make a case that they plan to pursue graduate research explicitly in education-related areas and issues.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application

Cost of Attendance

Estimates of costs to attend the university and information about university-wide funding opportunities can be found in the Office of Financial Aid.

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance Graduate Cost of Attendance