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Stephanie De Anda

Associate Professor
Communication Disorders and Sciences
Phone: 541-346-8530
Office: 254 HEDCO Education Bldg


Stephanie De Anda (she/her/hers), PhD CCC-SLP, is an expert in bilingual language acquisition and development, with a focus on Spanish-English bilingual children and Latinx families. Since 2017, De Anda has served as Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders and Sciences in the department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences at UO. De Anda’s work describes language learning through the development of measures that are culturally and linguistically responsive to the multilingual experience. As a licensed speech-language pathologist, her studies include children with communication disorders to support accurate diagnosis and effective intervention from an interdisciplinary perspective. De Anda’s research is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is conducted at the Early Dual Language Development Lab made up of a cross-disciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students. As a Latina scholar, De Anda is committed to prioritizing collaborations with community partners to meaningfully support underserved families. 

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2017 - Ph.D., Language and Communicative Disorders
San Diego State University & University of California, San Diego

2011 - B.S., Cognitive Science, specialization in Human Cognition, Cum Laude
University of California, San Diego

Honors and Awards

International Congress for Infant Studies, Outstanding Dissertation of the Year, 2018

American Speech-Language and Hearing Associations Lessons for Success Selected Attendee, 2018


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