Karen Durany

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Senior Lecturer I
Communication Disorders and Sciences, Disability Studies
Phone: 541-346-2092
Office: 252 HEDCO Education Bldg


Karen Durany is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the CDS program.  She is a senior lecturer and teaches in the areas of anatomy and physiology of speech and language, and acquired neurological disorders of speech, language, and cognition. Her areas of specialty are aphasia and acquired brain injury.

Karen is also the founder and director of Project AMP (Amplify My Professor).  The goal of this project is to increase professors' use of microphones in large classrooms to increase educational access for students with hearing loss.


Ph.D., 2001, University of Oregon
Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences

M.A., 1996, University of Oregon
Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences

B.A., 1991, University of Colorado
Major: Communication Disorders and Speech Science


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Karen's past research focused on creating interventions for family adaptation and supports following brain injury, and on brain injury prevention.