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Michael D. Johnson

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225 Clinical Services Building Eugene, OR 97403-5260
(541) 346-1412
Research Assistant
B.S., Social Science, University of Oregon 1971
M.Ed., Special Education, University of Oregon, 1975

Michael Johnson has spent more than 25 years working in the field of special education, dealing with students and families ranging in age from 12-21. His experiences have focused on building social/pre-vocational and vocational programs for a broad range of disabled students. Johnson has spent more than 17 years working with behaviorally disturbed students and families in his local school district in Springfield, Oregon. His familiarity with agencies that support behaviorally disturbed students includes working relationships with vocational rehabilitation and juvenile counselors, mental health caseworkers, and corrections/parole officers. Johnson also works as a technical assistance coordinator at the University of Oregon providing expertise and support to teachers, administrators, and adult agency staff throughout the state who are involved in a nationally recognized school-to-work program, the Oregon Youth Transition Program. His association with university staff members working in the field of transition has promoted his participation in the publication of the NEXT S.T.E.P. curriculum, a practical approach to empowering students in the transition process.


Michael Johnson has co-authored articles for nationally recognized journals on alternative strategies for delivering services to disabled students. He has presented at local, state, and national conferences targeting best practice transition models in Special Education. Michael Johnson has been a co-author in the development of the NEXT S.T.E.P. curriculum, a self-determination curriculum published by Pro-Ed. He is the lead author of the W.A.G.E.S. (Working at Gaining Employment Skills) curriculum (Sopris West 2004), a social skills curriculum for young adults.