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Jean Kjellstrand

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Assistant Professor
BA, Mathematics, Carleton College
MS, Social Work, University of Wisconsin
PhD, Social Work, Portland State University
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Dr. Jean Kjellstrand worked as a social worker for over 16 years where she developed and coordinated a variety of individual, group, and community interventions for children and families in high-risk circumstances. Her worked has involved:

  • Developing and coordinating a collaborative, multi-system, countywide program to strengthen and support families.
  • Training community leaders nationwide on curricula focused on the prevention of substance abuse and the promotion of school success among youth.
  • Developing and running a “life skills” program for foster teens aging out of the foster care system.
  • Providing adoption services and counseling.
  • Developing and managing programs for newly resettled refugee youth.
  • Developing and implementing an HIV and AIDS education program for newly resettled Asian refugees.

This work has informed and guided her research which focuses on positive youth development and the prevention of youth antisocial behavior among children in vulnerable situations. Her most recent work focuses on 1) parental incarceration and its impact on child development and 2) prevention interventions to support and empower corrections-involved parents and their families.