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Julia Heffernan

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124H Lokey Education
Master's Degree Programs Director / Lecturer
B.A., The Catholic University of America, 1990
M.Ed., University of Oregon, 2005
Ph.D., University of Oregon, 2010

Julia Heffernan, Ph.D., taught middle and high school social studies and language arts for eight years and was an education administrator for another eight years before beginning an academic career in education studies. Heffernan is the Graduate Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the teacher licensing program UOTeach.  She has been teaching future teachers about the social context of schooling for seven years.

Heffernan's primary research interests are in gender and sexuality studies in education through the lens of post-structural feminist theory and queer theory. Her research considers sexual orientation and gender identity in curriculum, classrooms and larger educational settings. 

In 2010 Heffernan developed UOTeachOUT an annual education studies conference on gender identity and sexual orientation issues in education. This conference is now entering it's sixth year as an extension of her course Education as Homophobia.  More information can be found at

  • In 2013 the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition (OSSCC) awarded her and this annual conference with the Richard E. Walker award.  Heffernan is currently on the board of OSSCC.
  • In 2014 and again in 2016 Heffernan was awarded the College of Education Diversity Award for service to the college by advancing work in the area of diversity.
  • In 2015 Heffernan was awarded the Horizon Alumni Award.

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