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Greg Bryant

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Computer Scientist
Research and Outreach Unit(s): 

"The Biology of Password Security", June 2016, Little Fixes

"Computing as a Mental Construct", February 2016, Computing Philosophy

"Accessibility Audit Transparency", December 2015, Little Fixes

"Explanatory Development", November 2015, Computing Philosophy

"Our perception of 'analog' and 'digital' in the natural world", October 2015, Computing Philosophy

"The Inventory Problem", August 2015, Computing Philosophy

"The Wrong Tools", August 2015, Computing Philosophy

"Living Structure and Cognition", June 2015, RAIN

"Theory and experiment in the natural science of computing", June 2015, Computing Philosophy

"The primary practical barometer of programming progress", May 2015, Computing Philosophy

"It's in your head", April 2015, The Natural Science of Computing

"Referendum on Urban Life", June 2014, PUARL

"Gatemaker: Christopher Alexander's dialogue with the computer industry", June 2014, PUARL

"1999: The First Location Based Service", March 2014

"Reflections on PUARL 2013: hope and surprises", January 2014, RAIN

"The Biology of Computer Programming", June 2013, Computing Philosophy

"Generative Unfolding Sequences", February 2009, Core Memory

"The Nature of Non-profit Incubators", January 2008, Tango Center

"Centers and the Web", January 2005, The Nature of Order

"The Aspen Summit", 2001

"Report on Software Issues", 1997, SUN/CES Aspen Summit

"Alexander visits the Oregon Experiment", 1994, RAIN

"The early days of car-sharing", 1994, RAIN

"The Application of Feeling", 1994 video interview with Christopher Alexander

"Making Workbikes for the Neighborhood", 1992, RAIN

"Cities Against Centralization", 1992, RAIN and Our Generation

"Global and Local Cameras", 1992, RAIN

"Community Supported Agriculture", 1992, RAIN

"The Oregon Experiment after Twenty Years", 1991, RAIN

"Medeival Movements and the Orgins of Switzerland", 1991, RAIN

"The Lao Alternative", 1991, RAIN

"On Writing Simulators and the Use of Macros", March 1983, Eighth West Coast Computer Faire