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Elizabeth Budd

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Evergreen Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services
PhD, The Brown School of Social Work & Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis
MPH, Behavioral Science and Health Education, College for Public Health and Social Justice, St. Louis University
BS, Sociology and Spanish Studies, Santa Clara University
Research and Outreach Unit(s): 

Dr. Liz Budd is an Evergreen Assistant Professor in the Counseling Pyschology and Human Services Department within the College of Education. Dr. Budd is a part of the Health Promotion and Obesity Prevention Initiative. She teaches and does research from an applied, population perspective. She is interested in policy and how social and physical environments of youth and adolescents influence their health behaviors, especially their physical activity. Dr. Budd enjoys weaving her research into her teaching, often employing standing ovations and other physical activity breaks throughout class. Dr. Budd grew up in Oregon, but completed most of her training in St. Louis, Missouri (Go, Cardinals!).

Dr. Budd is often seeking undergraduate and graduate students to help with research projects. Dr. Budd's projects tend to be community-based rather than clinical in nature. Feel free to inquire.


Representative peer-review publications:

Eyler AE, Budd EL, Camberos GJ, Yan Y, Brownson R. State legislation related to improving population physical activity: 2006-2012. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 2015; 132(12).

Budd EL, Hipp JA, Geary N, Dodson EA. Racial differences in parental perceptions of the neighborhood as predictors of children’s physical activity and sedentary behavior. Preventive Medicine Reports. 2015; 2:397-402.

Adlakha D, Budd EL, Gernes R, Sequeira S, Hipp JA. Use of Emerging Technologies to Assess Differences in Outdoor Physical Activity in St. Louis, Missouri. Frontiers in Public Health. 2014; 2:41.

Budd EL, Schwarz C, Yount BW, Haire-Joshu D. Factors Influencing the Implementation of School Wellness Policies. Prev Chronic Dis. 2012; 9:110296.

Haire-Joshu D, Yount BW, Budd EL, Schwarz C, Schermbeck R, Green S, Elliott M. The Quality of School Wellness Policies and Energy-Balance Behaviors of Adolescent Mothers. Prev Chronic Dis. 2011; 8(2):A34.


Dr. Budd's research interests (see CV for current projects):

·         primary prevention of chronic diseases across the life course
·         physical activity promotion
·         obesity prevention (primarily among youth/adolescents)
·         the built environment and how it relates to physical activity
·         the elimination of health disparities
·         school wellness policies (policy evaluation & implementation)
·         dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions

Settings of interest:

·         before, during, and after school
·         neighborhoods
·         low-income communities
·         rural communities
·         International (especially Latin American countries)

Populations of interest:

·         early adolescent girls (10-14 years)
·         girls and women

·         youth and adolescents

·         Latinx
·         underserved