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Lynne Anderson-Inman

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220C Rainier Building
(541) 346-2657
Associate Professor
B.A., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1970
M.S., University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, 1974
Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1978

Lynne Anderson-Inman's teaching focus is on technology and how to aid teachers in applying effective study strategies in the classroom. Anderson-Inman challenges her students to think critically through independent research and by using primary sources. Her research focuses on computer strategies including concept mapping, networked notetaking skills, visual thinking, strategies for learning disabled students, web-based study environments, digital texts on the web, and historical inquiry. She is involved in government-funded research projects involving each of these subject areas.


Lynne Anderson-Inman is co-author of  Computer-Based Study Strategies: Empowering Students with Technology,  and  Concept Mapping Companion  as well as numerous articles for education journals.


Lynne Anderson-Inman's research investigates innovative applications of technology for middle school, secondary, and post-secondary students, their teachers and their schools. Current projects include: CBCN: Computer-Based Collaborative Notetaking  Model Demonstration Project. Collaborates with deaf or hard-of-hearing postsecondary students to provide in-class networked notetaking and study strategies; and trains community college Disability Services offices to use this technology for inclusion in services they arrange for students.  CBSS: Computer-Based Study Strategies Outreach Project : Training teachers and students strategies to use computers effectively while studying for content area classes.  INTERSECT: INternet Texts with Electronic Resources, Supportive Enhancements and Comprehension Tools.  A project creating a library of digital texts specially enhanced to improve the literacy, reading comprehension, and achievement of at-risk readers.  InTIME : Provides wirelessly networked notetaking support for Migrant/ESL Students in grade level Classes.  Web de Anza : Promotes historical research by proviings students and scholars with primary source documents and multimedia resources covering Juan Bautista de Anza's two overland expeditions from the Sonoran desert to northern California, leading to the colonization of San Francisco in 1776.