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Kevin Alltucker

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I don't have an office on campus
541-912-8428 Cell
Assistant Professor
B.S. Oregon State University, 1984
Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2004

Kevin Alltucker's believes that students are the heart and soul of the University of Oregon. His mission is to serve students' needs by providing high quality teaching, advising, and academic support. Dr. Alltucker is also deeply committed to giving back to the community by volunteering his time with nonprofit agencies and local governments, including the Relief Nursery, City of Eugene, and Lane County. Dr. Alltucker works with students interested in community-based program evaluation, and has completed many pro bono evaluation projects, including the City of Eugene Teen Court Program, the Lane County Youth Services Phoenix Program, and the Lane County Gang Prevention Steering Committee. Dr. Alltucker studies the relationships between early childhood experiences, family functioning, and the development of juvenile delinquency, and subsequent adult criminal behavior. He is a certified instructor for the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program, and he is interested in prison reform policies to reduce mass incarceration in the United States. He teaches FHS 327 Organizational Issues in Human Services, and FHS 4/582 Prevention of Youth Violence. Dr. Alltucker was named one of six Faculty Fellows across campus, and he helps first year students navigate their transition to the University of Oregon. Dr. Alltucker also has an appointment with the Public Planning Policy and Management department, and he teaches classes on program evaluation, and philanthropy.


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