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Linda Albi

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304 Clinical Services Building
(541) 346-0813
Field Experience Coordinator
B.A., University of Oregon, 1995
M.S., University of Oregon, 1997

Linda Albi has been a supervisor in the Early Intervention master's program for five years. Currently she is Field Experience Coordinator for the Early Intervention program as well as the EI Rural program coordinator. Albi also is a supervisor for the BOOST (Building on Opportunities for Summer Teaching and Learning) program. BOOST is a unique two-term experience that provides master's students with an opportunity to design and run an activity-based intervention classroom for preschool children with special needs. Albi is interested in clinical supervision in EI/ECSE, and has been working with other faculty/doctoral students to write an article about the model that is presently used in the early intervenion program.