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Writing Resources

Tutoring Services recommends that students consult several writing guides to support your academic performance. Here are few:

American Psychological Association (APA) Resources

APA guidelines
APA Guidelines Within the Body of a Paper
Frequently Asked APA Questions
Learn the basics of APA with this tutorial

More APA Resources:

  1. The Writing Center @ the University of Wisconsin
  2. APA Style Essentials From Douglas Degelman, Professor of Psychology, Vanguard University of Southern California

General Writing Guidelines

See any of the following for the range of writing tasks:

  • Full Online Copy of Elements of Style, a Handy Writing Resource.
  • Common Grammar Issues and Links to Additional Online Resources.
  • George Orwell's 1946 Essay "Politics and the English Language" - Using multiple examples of bad academic and political writing, Orwell outlines several principles for developing clear and concise prose. Highly recommended for developing university level writing skills.
  • University of North Carolina's Writing Center Handouts - Multiple resources covering a wide range of writing concerns. Includes guidelines regarding all levels of the writing process, from sentence level style to tips for writing for specific audiences and academic fields.
  • Tips, style guide and advice available at AC Online.  This guidebook covers the different writing styles (Chicago, MLA, AP, APA) how to tackle various types of essays and papers, tools and techniques to help improve writing, and how (and why) to use your college's writing center.
  • The Online Students’ Research Toolkit offers a plethora of information related to online research in college. The guide outlines information from how to find information online to evaluating sources and where to find information in different industries. 

Resources for Non-Native English Speakers

Grammar and Style

  • Passive Voice:
  1. Passive Tenses and Active Equivalents
  2. Passive Voice from The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Awkward Sentences:
  1. On Awkward Sentences by Tim Giles, Assistant Professor, Technical Communication, Department of Writing and Linguistics, Georgia Southern University
  2. Ask Betty: Grammar for College Writers
  • Writing with Clarity:
  1. Duke University’s Writing Studio provides an overview of principles of clear and concise writing. Highly recommended, this resource includes strategies for identifying and revising basic stylistic errors.
  2. Clarity guidelines from Purdue University are also useful. This summary includes many useful tips regarding sentence structure and writing style.
  3. The Barker Underground (The Official Blog of the Harvard Writing Center) is another good guide to clarity.

The Writing Process & Tips

  • Writing Process:
  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  2. Harvard College Writing Center
  3. Brown University Writing Center
  • Writing Conclusions: "So What?"
  1. Harvard College Writing Center
  2. Literacy Education Online
  • How and When to Cite Information:
  1. The Writing Center @ the University of Wisconsin
  2. "Should I Paraphrase or Quote,", The Writing Center @ the University of Wisconsin
  1. The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  2. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  3. Technical Writing

Master's Theses:

"Education Thesis". Monash University.

1. Essay
2. University of Illinois Writer's Workshop Resources