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Selecting a Major

How Do You Decide on a Major that Suits You?

Selecting your area of study can be a fun and thought-provoking process.
Consider: On a scale of 1-4 (with 1 low), how would you rate tasks or categories such as:

  • Words: books writing discussions
  • Math: how things work, categories, numbers, science
  • Art: maps charts, drawing, mazes, puzzles
  • Leadership: socializing, teaching, coaching, group work
  • Sports: drama, activity, hands-on, movement

"Narrowing down the list of your interests, and finding out more about the programs and professional employment related to your interests starts with simple self-questioning," says College of Education Professor Dan Close, Ph.D., University of Oregon Faculty in Residence.

Dan Close offers strategies to help students discover career goals and the programs likely to help meet them.

"I've developed a Stages of Selecting Your Major Questionnaire to help students think through their potential majors according to their interests and aptitudes. Once we have a way to rate and identify a student's interests, it is much easier to plan the subsequent stages of finding-out-more."

Close demonstrates this questioning strategy several times per month during Fall and Winter terms. Two times per week he presents a topic for after-dinner discussion in the residence halls, and his Stages for Selecting a Major is always a popular presentation.

To find out more: contact Dan Close at about Faculty in Residence presentations.

Or simply print out the questionnaire and have a friend trade off questioning and comparing interests. For advising in your identified area of interest, contact UO Office of Advising, 164 Oregon Hall (541) 346-3211. Or check out the UO Admissions page devoted to programs in your areas of interest.