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University/School Partnership Co-Pay Program

Reduced Tuition Credit Vouchers

The University/School Partnership Co‐Pay Program allows a district to earn a co‐pay privilege to register any licensed educational professional employed by the district at the co‐pay fee rate. The co‐pay fee rate is one-third of the tuition charged for the course.

The “co‐pay privilege” is earned in the form of a voucher. Districts earn co‐pay privileges via supervision of student teaching and practica. To learn more about the University/School Partnership Co‐Pay Program, see the Board of Trustees approved, “Policies on Tuition, Mandatory Enrollment Fees and Other Changes, Fines and Fees” document:

Redeeming Reduced Fee Credits

The co‐pay privilege can be used by a licensed educational professional employed by the school district within five successive academic quarters (including summer session) following the quarter in which the supervision is provided, after which time the co‐pay privilege is void. Unused portions of an enrollment privilege may not be carried to another term or used by another teacher. Note: The expiration date is printed on the voucher.

The co‐pay privilege is applicable only up to 8 credit hours in an academic quarter and up to 12 credits in an academic year, including summer session, for any one licensed educator professional. Hours in excess of eight will be charged at the appropriate credit hour rate. The co‐pay privilege does not extend to fees; students are responsible for the fees associated with their enrollment. Tuition and fee information is available in the Board of Trustees approved “University of Oregon: Tuition and Fees” document:

The co‐pay privilege cannot be used with self‐support courses, most self‐support programs, for prior enrollment, or in conjunction with other tuition reduction privileges. Candidates pursuing the self‐support Administrator Licensure program may be able to utilize vouchers with prior approval. Note: vouchers used toward Administrator Licensure must be submitted by the first week of classes; all others must be submitted no later than the fourth week of the term that the co‐pay privilege is requested.

Tuition and fees should be paid by the due date listed on the billing statement; otherwise a late fee may be charged. If the due date is prior to voucher processing, pay the full amount due and a refund for the difference will be made when the voucher is officially applied. Questions regarding fees and billing may be directed to Student Billing at 541‐346‐3170.

To redeem, please mail completed application and signed voucher(s) to the following address:
UO College of Education 
Attn: Richelle Krotts 
1215 University of Oregon 
Eugene, OR 97403‐1215 

Or hand deliver to:
UO College of Education
Student Academic Services
1655 Alder Street, HEDCO Building, Suite 130

Note: The applicant assumes responsibility for completing all necessary procedures for admission to the University and the Graduate School, if appropriate.

Reduced Tuition Credit Voucher Application