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Kent McIntosh's picture

Kent McIntosh, Ph.D., teaches and conducts research in the areas of positive behavior support, equity in school discipline, and sustainability of evidence-based interventions in schools. He is Director of Educational and Community Supports, a research unit in the College of Education.

Office Location:
141 Lokey Education Building 1235 University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403-1235
(541) 346-2340
Professor & Department Head
Laura Lee McIntyre's picture

Laura Lee McIntyre is Department Head of Special Education and Clinical Sciences and Professor of School Psychology.

Office Location:
347 HEDCO Education Building Eugene, OR 97403-5208
Business and Operations Coordinator
Denise McKenney's picture

As the Business and Operations Coordinator, Denise processes accounts payable, purchasing activity, and travel coordination.

Office Location:
230U HEDCO Education Building
(541) 346-5949
Senior Lecturer, Undergraduate Program Director
Karen McLaughlin's picture

Karen McLaughlin is a senior lecturer in the CDS program and teaches in the areas of anatomy and physiology of speech and language, and acquired neurological disorders of speech, language, and cognition. Her areas of specialty are aphasia and acquired brain injury.

Office Location:
252 HEDCO Education Building
(541) 346-2092
Ann Swindells Professor in Counseling Psychology
Ellen Hawley McWhirter's picture

Ellen Hawley McWhirter is the Ann Swindells Professor in Counseling Psychology.

Office Location:
261 HEDCO Education Building Eugene, OR 97403-5251
(541) 346-2443
Benedict T. McWhirter's picture

Benedict McWhirter is a professor in the Counseling Psychology and Prevention Science programs.

Office Location:
264 HEDCO Education Building
(541) 346-2410
Director of Clinical Education
Jennifer Meyer's picture

Jennifer Meyer is the Director of Clinical Education and is responsible for all areas of clinical training for Master's students in the program.  She has been with the University of Oregon since 2010.

Office Location:
250 HEDCO Education Building Eugene, OR 97403-5284
(541) 346-3680
Network Analyst
Office Location:
5258 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 357-9304
Data Collector, Center on Teaching and Learning
Marcia Moore's picture
Clinic Supervisor
Heather Moore's picture

Heather Weintraub Moore, Ph.D., has clinical and research experience in language development, delays, and disorders in young children. Her research has focused on early intervention policy, assessment, and the effectiveness and use of assistive technology in early intervention.

Office Location:
267 HEDCO Education Building
(541) 346-4996