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Meet Our PhD Students

Huichao Xie:  While continuing my studies at UO, I am maintaining a close collaboration with my colleagues in China.  We are influencing the policies, practices, and research in China by learning from the experience in the U.S.  For example, I recently went back to China and trained the first early intervention home visiting professionals in the whole country.

Fahad AlresheedI chose University of Oregon because of its reputation in the special education field among similar institutions in the nation, as well as its comprehensive program of research methodology.  I am particularly impressed by the wide range of ideas and scholarly work by UO professors in the field of early intervention.

Michelle MassarI was inspired by Oregon's commitment to improving the lives of students with exceptionalities through teaching its doctoral students foundational knowledge and further encouraging application of that knowledge in real-world settings.  Plus, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a Duck!  I am very excited about the opportunity to research the application of PBIS in juvenile justice and alternative education settings, as well as continue the current research focused on improving the life outcomes of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Kate AscettaThe University of Oregon's research units are known for both their historical and ongoing contributions to the field of special education.  It was an obvious choice - this is where I can be part of the continued impact.

Manuel MonzalveThe UO has one of the most prestigious Special Education programs in the United States and the professors here are highly known in their fields.

Tracy RaulstonThe UO's Special Education program is focused on addressing the research-to-practice gap.  The main reasons I chose this prestigious program to pursue my PhD are the: (a) high quality, diverse research, (b) focus on challenging course work and service opportunities, and (c) opportunity to build a strong academic portfolio in a supportive environment.  I'm excited to work with my advisor, Dr. Wendy Machalicek, and other students to open The Pearl Duck Autism Center (PDAC) here in Eugene.  The mission of PDAC is to engage in research to improve the educational outcomes and quality of life for children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and their familes.

Rebecca Frantz:  I chose University of Oregon because it is a pioneer in the area of Early Intervention.  I also wanted to be able to have access to some of the most highly regarded faculty in the field of special education.


Jill DolataThe University of Oregon offers access to faculty across disciplines and with breadth and depth of knowledge in my areas of interest.        
Sarah HansenI chose University of Oregon because I knew I wanted to be somewhere where I could focus on practicing research skills in my field, and because my advisor has research interests that match very well with mine.
Ruby Batz:    I chose UO because of its well-known research units and faculty, as well the flexibility of the program. Here at the U of O you feel very supported and encouraged to learn, apply and grow based on your individual interests and professional goals.

Chris KnowlesRecent scholarship I am proud of includes: a self-determination focused intervention for parents with intellectual disabilities experiencing challenging child behavior, grant funding to develop a 105-page community resource manual for the Pearl Buck Center and recently published manuscript "Parent education for adults with intellectual disability: A review and suggestions for future research".

Jerin Kim:  The UO Special Education program has great scholars who are doing cutting-edge research.


Kara HiranoI chose the UO SPED program for several reasons. One is the opportunity to train in a program with top faculty and researchers who are leading change and making critical contributions to the field of special education.  I am thankful for the various opportunities I have had to work on projects with these outstanding researchers. From their mentorship I have not only developed skills but also the confidence to develop my own lines of inquiry.

Ronda FritzAs a teacher, I was familiar with much of the work being done around reading interventions at the University of Oregon and was particularly impressed with the outreach opportunities provided by the UO's Center on Teaching and Learning.  Since reading interventions is my area of interest, I could think of no better place to get my PhD!

Tricia BergI am proud that I have been the primary investigator on my own research question and am currently writing up the results to submit for publication (with guidance and support from some amazing people).

Allison BakerWhat I am most proud of is my work with faculty in the Early Intervention department to coordinate and sustain the First Place Playgroup Project, located off campus at First Place Family Center. The program lost its funding and is now completely dependent upon volunteers and donated funds. Through donations, grant funding and dedicated volunteers we are able to provide children ages 2-5 who are experiencing homelessness, access to a routine, structured early childhood environment. We also provide free deveopmental screening, a connection to EI/ECSE services, and support to families of children at risk.

James SinclairI chose the University of Oregon because I heard that the limits to what could be accomplished were determined by you, not any other person or policy.  The broad range of research that I have done here is spectacular. Not only have I been working with my advisor and other faculty, individual research is promoted and supported, these opportunities are unlike anywhere else I have been.