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Once admitted, students must complete the Specialization Declaration Form. The Spanish Language Specialization is not available in the drop-down menu so you will need to write it in after printing the form. Obtain the signature of the Specialization Director and submit it to a Student Services Coordinator, who will then make a copy for your file and submit it to the Graduate School. 

We anticipate that it will take 2 years to complete the coursework. Students who meet the criteria for the specialization and are admitted, but who anticipate they will not be able to complete the coursework or some other requirement, can still take the classes and engage in as many of the associated learning experiences as possible. The courses CPSY 626: Psychological Services & Research with Latino and Spanish speaking communities and CPSY 508: Topics in Latina/o Mental Health are open to students outside of the specialization. 

Required Continuous Learning Activities

Students in the specialization will obtain and document (see 'Forms') a minimum of 20 hours of participation in educational and cultural events specifically focused on Latina/o communities, and Spanish speaking communities in particular. For example, each term, the Center for Latina/o and Latin American Studies sponsor events designed to educate the academic community and/or the public such as lectures, panel presentations, and movies followed by discussion and critical analysis. Attending conferences and conference presentations specifically focused on clinical work and/or research with Latino Spanish-speaking populations, such as the biannual conference of the National Latina/o Psychological Association, will also count toward completion of these required continuous learning activities. Alternatively, students may enroll in a graduate level course of 2-4 credits that is focused on the history, culture, and/or language of Spanish-speaking Latinos, pending approval by the specialization director and the class instructor. Sample courses that would be considered include SPAN 507: Seminar: Border Cultures and National Identities or SPAN 528: Spanish in the United States.

Required Capstone Project

In order to successfully complete the specialization, all students regardless of the degree-granting program in which they are enrolled, must complete the Spanish Language Psychological Service and Research Capstone Project which will consist of conducting an oral presentation in Spanish that is a minimum of 15 minutes in length. This presentation may take one of the following forms: (1) a case presentation on mental health services provided to a Latina/o Spanish speaking client or (2) a presentation of clinical intervention research conducted with Latina/o Spanish-speaking participants. The presentation will be delivered to a faculty member associated with the specialization (list of associated SLPSR faculty in table 1), and should take place during the CPSY 609 Practicum Bilingual Supervision so that peers will be present as well. This Capstone project provides SLPSR specialization students the opportunity to apply and demonstrate skills needed to function effectively as a researcher or clinician with Latina/o Spanish speaking participants or clients. Students will receive verbal feedback and an overall score indicating whether or not they have passed (see 'Forms').    In order for the specialization to be successfully completed and transcripted, students must fulfill all the requirements of the specialization, including passing with a P or minimum grade of B- in the 16 required for- credit courses, completing the 20 documented hours of continuous learning, and completing and passing the Capstone project. In addition, they must remain students in good standing in their respective degree programs. All requirements must be completed by relevant term and graduation deadlines and allow time for review and evaluation of materials