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Student Reflections

Excerpts from Student Reflections...







"With my identity being a minority, I realized that my essence was a dying flame that needed to be fueled with social change. This flame within motivated me to get a job in the community to help others like my raza; others who were also illiterate and uneducated in healthcare. Working for White Bird, I learned that that dying flame will never be fulfilled, but it will also never die: there will always be a necessity to teach and inform illiterate community members of things that are affecting them in order for them to gain control of their social, emotional, and physical wellbeing, and there will also be people willing to inform and educate them. I will never be alone in this search."

“Both the teachers I worked with were excellent teachers and they seemed to function better when more help is provided for them. With 1st grade, I wasn’t assigned to do a certain task in the class but I was able to do whatever was most needed. I was given the freedom to help the kids however they needed. I felt more comfortable in this class because I felt that Brian trusted me enough that I was given an opportunity to work with the kids."

“Seeing three separate classrooms was really enlightening because I was able to see things that I liked about their teaching styles and things that I really did not like about their classrooms and teaching styles. I am looking forward to starting my own career as a student teacher in the fall, and can’t wait to determine what my own teaching styles, strengths, and even weaknesses will be in the future."