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Promise Neighborhoods


The  Service-Learning Program has partnered with United Way of Lane County to bring University of Oregon students out to local K-12 schools in the Promise Neighborhoods community.  Two Promise Neighborhoods have been identified in Lane County, one in Eugene’s Bethel district and one in Springfield.

Click here to see a map of the local Promise Neighborhoods.

Since 2011, the Service-Learning Program has collaborated with the Bethel School District to facilitate two after school programs at Fairfield Elementary and Malabon Elementary. UO students build relationships with elementary students while developing weekly activities, lesson plans, and homework help. UO volunteers gain first-hand experience working in the K-12 system, mentorship, and participate in professional and personal development. Click here for more information on Promise Neighborhood schools, Fairfield Elementary and Malabon Elementary.

The Promise Neighborhoods Institute is a nationwide movement based on Geoffrey Canada’s extremely successful “cradle through college and career” project, the Harlem Children’s Zone.  It seeks to improve educational outcomes for children of distressed neighborhoods.  By identifying a community in need and focusing on developing ways to support those children and their families, the goal of the Promise Neighborhood initiative is to end inter-generational poverty. 

As such a large presence in Eugene, the University of Oregon and its 25,000 students have the capacity to make a positive contribution to the local community, and volunteering in the Promise Neighborhoods is one way to do so.

Click here for more information about the Harlem Children's Zone and the Promise Neighborhoods Institute

Interested in participating in the Promise Neighborhoods After School Program?

You have the chance to be a positive adult role model in kids’ lives. You and your peers will plan and lead fun and inspiring after school clubs. You can start your own club or join in one that interests you! Volunteers also receive leadership training and professional development throughout their term of service. This volunteer project offers plenty of opportunities for you to exercise your creativity and initiative! Come help build this great new program!

Start Sharing: Your passion for working with young people, your love of learning, and your desire to improve community.


  • One afternoon a week
  • Half hour weekly planning
  • Two hours training during week one

Development Opportunities

Professional and personal development opportunities are available, from resume building to lesson planning to leadership.

Earn academic credit for volunteering! Opportunity to earn credit through Service-Learning Seminars: K-12 Education, Human Services, and Service-Learning Theory. Each seminar is two credits.


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