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Early Literacy Opportunities

Student volunteers have the opportunity to work with agencies in Lane County that will be incorporate Raising A Reader, Every Child Ready to Read or have an emphasis on early literacy. There are currently 12 sites in Lane County who are interested in hosting University of Oregon volunteers. If you would like to learn more about or early literacy volunteer opportunities or to get involved, please contact

Raising A Reader and Every Child Ready to Read are two early literacy programs that started in 2014. These programs work with Lane County's Early Learning Alliance in an effort to equip children 0-6years old with the necessary skills to succeed in school.

Raising A Reader is an evidence based early literacy and parent engagement program that has demonstrated it can improve the reading readiness skills of children 0-6 years old. There are three main components of raising A Reader.

1. Parents are trained to develop booksharing routines at home and to practice "book cussling" techniques with their children.

2. Children rotate a book bag filled with beautiful, high-quality multicultural books on a weekly basis.

3. Families are connected to their local libraries so they can sustain their family book sharing routines

Raising A Reader is being implemented in nine Lane County family resource centers as well as 150 childcare providers associated with Family Connections.

Every Child Ready to Read is an evidence based program for caregivers that focuses on five familiar and easy-to-use practices to develop language and other early literacy skills in children 0-6 years old. We are partner with the Eugene Public Library, Springfield Public Library, and Family Connections to train childcare providers, preschool teachers and staff fom Lane County agencies. The childcare providers, preschool teachers and agency staff  will have the opportunity to incorporate the program at their sites and host an early literacy event focused on the five essential early literacy skills.