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Courts for Kids Belize FAQs

Q: Why build courts for kids in other countries?  


The mission of Courts for Kids is "to foster love, compassion, service and an expanding worldview as we take teams to economically disadvantaged areas, partnering with local organizations and community members to build courts which will provide kids with the opportunity to play sports." The organization was started by Derek Nesland in 2006.  The first court was build in the Phillipines, and since then 2,179 US participants have worked on 113 courts in 24 countries around the world. 

Q: How much does this cost and what does it cover?


We at the Service-Learning Program, along with our partners at Courts for Kids, are always trying to keep the trip affordable for our students.  Courts for Kids buys plane tickets in bulk and arranges for all travel and for our lodging and food during the trip.  The only thing not included are fees for passports or immunizations, as well as travel to PDX.  We do group fundraising to raise money for part of the cost of the court itself.*

  • Since we buy in bulk, more participants means lower prices.  If ten students sign up, the cost is $2,100.  If 20 go, the per-person cost goes down to $1,925
  • There are scholarships available based on financial need.  Get the financial aid application here.  You can turn it in after you are accepted for the trip. You will know if you receive financial aid before you are required to make your initial non-refundable deposit to Courts for Kids.
  • Group fundraising is an important piece of this experience.  We must raise $5,000* toward the cost of the building of the court itself.  We have a donor who will match funds raised, whether we have a crowdfunding campaign, bake sales, a raffle, or all of the above. We will support you in the group fundraising process.  But if we fall short of the $2,500 mark, each participant will have to pay a piece of what is left.  Again, this depends on the number of participants.  If we fall $1,000 short, that sum will be divided among 10 participants ($100 additional) but if divided among 20 participants it would be only $50 per person.
  • Additional support fee from GEO (Global Education Oregon):  $250 to cover their support of risk management and health planning with students.  (They will bill your student account directly.)

Q:  *Why do we need to raise money for the court?  



Q:  What is the Global Citizenship Class?  


This is a two-credit seminar offered during Winter Term, ahead of your trip.  In preparation for the trip, students are required to participate with their traveling companions in a service-learning seminar. Course topics include the social and political history and current state of affairs in Belize, as well as a thoughtful examination of participants' motivations and assumptions in taking on an international "service project."

(Plus some helpful logistical travel advice.  Plus group bonding for the trip participants and leaders.)

Q:  What do I need to know about vaccinations and other health care issues?


See the CDC's website about travel to Belize, and consult with your health care provider.