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Community Partners

The Service-Learning Program works with community partners who are interested in providing service opportunities for our UO students

United Way of Lane County:  The United Way of Lane County is seen as the force for change in our community. Once a primarily fund raising organization, today's United Way is strengthening our communities and improving lives through meaningful community impacts work. The United Way of Lane County works to bring the community together to focus on the building blocks of a good life - education, income and health - to achieve measurable results. UO students can be part of the United Way of Lane County through volunteering at their offices, with one of their community partners, or through a Service-Learning seminar.  

Eugene School District 4J: Many UO students exploring the fields of education, human services, or child and adolescent development choose to partner with Eugene School District 4J for their service-learning project. A student-centered school district, dedicated to giving each student an excellent education. The Eugene School District 4J strives to create a learning environment that is demanding but nurturing, rigorous but compassionate, safe but risk-taking. They foster both independence and collaboration and require accountability as well as involvement from everyone. UO students may get involved in District 4J is many ways - by volunteering at our local schools, by working with organizations running extracurricular activities, or participating in Service-Learning program throughout 4J. 

Bethel School District: As one of our partner discticts, UO students receive first-hand experience in working in the K-12 environment as after school program leaders, classroom assistants, and youth mentors. The mission of the Bethel School District is to provide a safe educational environment which enables students to develop and apply the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values needed to realize their maximum potential. Their goal is to ensure that students will be better prepared to participate as ethical, cooperative, responsible, and productive citizens.  

Courts For Kids: Through our Service-Learning Seminar, Global Citizenship: Courts For Kids, the Service-Learning Program has partnered with Courts For Kids to engage UO students in discussions on the power of social change, and to learn about the socio-economic, cultural, and historical perspectives on the country they volunteer in. The mission of Courts For Kids is to foster love, compassion, service and an expanding worldview. They partner with university courses and collegiate teams to travel to economically disadvantaged areas, where they partner with local organizations and community members to build courts which will provide local children with the opportunity to engage in physical activities and organized sports. 

Inside-Out Center: With a growing Inside-Out community on the UO campus, the Service-Learning Program is honored to provide the College of Education's first Inside-Out course. The Inside-Out Center creates a dynamic partnership between institutions of higher learning and correctional systems in order to deepen the conversation about and transform the approaches to understanding crime, justice, freedom, inequality, and other issues of social concern. Inside-Out brings college students together with incarcerated men and women to study as peers in a seminar behind prison walls.

Oregon Campus Compact: The Service-Learning Program is proud to sponsor a full-time AmeriCorps VISTA through the Oregon Campus Compact program. Motivated by the belief that students have the power to change the world, Oregon Campus Compact activates higher education toward student participation in civic life. As the only statewide organization working with private, public, four-year, and two-year institutions, ORCC embraces its unique position to strengthen Oregon's narrative of student service and leadership.


Our Community Partners Google Map is a great resource for students and staff to find out where our community partners are located.
University students have also partnered with:

Education, Youth and Mentoring

Environment and Sustainability


Human Rights, Civil Rights and Peace

Hunger, Food Security and Poverty


The Service-Learning Program seeks out community partners who are interested in providing service opportunities for our UO students. If you are interested in establishing a service partnership between your agency and the University of Oregon's Service-Learning Program, please contact us at or (541) 346-7450.